From the community: Unfreezing Your Dreams

Frozen Dreams: Painting on Water (TM) exhibit and Meet the Artist by Amy Lee Segami took place on a snowy afternoon Sunday, February 15 at Evanston beautiful public library on Church Street. The exhibit runs thru March 7, 2015. Segami is doing what has not been done in hundreds of years, Suminagashi (Japanese-Chinese flowing ink art) painting using water as canvas. In the process, Amy Lee uses her engineering education to innovate a signature style that combines water, air and color in a mix of Eastern and Western artistry.

Date: February 22, 2017
Appearance: From the community: Unfreezing Your Dreams
Outlet: Chicago Tribune
Format: Newspaper

Painting On Water ™ Leadership Workshop

A group of enthusiastic young leaders were energized, engaged and enlightened at a Painting On Water™ session led by Amy Segami, Innovation and Leadership Consultant, who is an engineer, artist and entrepreneur based in Chicago.

The diverse attendees worked together, built relationship and connections. They learned the principles of innovation and leadership by doing it: from action to application.

WTTW Wild Chicago

Amy Lee Segami, Chicago fine art artist and engineer, revived ancient sumingashi art form and created her own version of contemporary Painting On Water™. interviewed by Wild Chicago at her studio and gallery located at the Fine Arts Building, a historical landmark in downtown Chicago.

Creativity Conference Speaker

400+ attendees from 28 countries did Painting On Water™ at the 56th Annual Creativity Conference, CPSI 2010. As an engineer, artist and a professional speaker, Amy Basic combines art and science with her contemporary Suminagashi system as a team building experiential learning.