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Dear Meeting Professional,

I got your back.

Not only have I been in the front of the stage, I also have the experience at the back of the stage.

As the founder and executive producer of TEDxIIT, the longest running independently organized TED event in Chicago, I understand your need for details, coordination, and planning. See Huffington Post article here.

As an engineer, artist and professional speaker, I offer your audience, from the millennials to the mature, a breathe of fresh air so that your event, your message, and your effort will be memorable, appreciated and long lasting.

Besides, my message with the metaphor of water and air, is highly relatable and relevant to work and daily life. Breaking through barriers, overcoming obstacles, and maintain resilience are some of my signature stories.

If you are looking for a professional speaker, especially someone with TED and TEDx experience, please reach out so that we can discuss the options.




+1 (312) 953-6800

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Format: keynote

From 18 mins TED Talk style to 90 mins interactive keynote workshop, this program is perfect for professionals, sales and leaders at organization or association to listen, laugh and learn. (Read More...)

Format: keynote

From 18 mins TED Talk style to 90 mins interactive keynote workshop.

Is the situation for your business or life complex or complicated?
Knowing the true definition and characteristics of the situation will help you make a sensible and meaningful decision. (Read More...)


Format: keynote demo or break out with hands on, half day or full day workshop/retreat

This program is perfect for professionals, sales and leaders at organizations or associations.  (Read More...)

“When the speech is over, the audience remembers her message because they’ve not only heard the impossible, they’ve seen it.” – National Speakers Association Magazine

"Fun, playful and powerful were the feelings we left with. Amy is unforgettable."

"Unlike anything I have ever experienced before, the workshop enabled me to embrace simplicity and avoid making mistakes such as micromanaging people or a project."

"I have heard Amy Segami deliver keynotes and train business and education groups in different parts of the world. She is able to customize her content to meet the needs of people of very diverse cultures."

(Read More...)

To provide the audience the best experience, please provide the Audio/Visual equipment to maximize the performance of the speaker.

A wireless lavaliere microphone or a cheek mic will free up Amy’s hands, whether on stage speaking, performing or at a workshop demonstration.

Upon confirmation, you will receive a detail, proven set up guide.

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