“TEDxIIT brings individuals out of their silos to work toward a common goal, and share ideas and resources along the way.”

Organized by a team of 20 International IIT Students from 10 different countries, they will host a world class event both live and live streaming worldwide.

The theme this year is Infinite Impact. Ideas with infinite impact on technology, individuals and society. Disruptive Technology, Paraplegia Recovery, Triple Win Philanthropy, Technological Anthropology, and Infinite Space Resources are just a few of the ideas will be spreading.

Diversify speakers such as Monika Wiela, a Polish immigrant turned internet entrepreneur and philanthropist; Ian Beacraft, a super star of Leo Burnett; Andrew Little of Weather Channel, and award-winning CTO/CIO Shanjib Sahoo of tradeMONSTER, and the IIT very own energy sustainability expert, Dr. Hamid Arastoopour along with FAIA faculty Carol Ross Barney who will propose using waterway as transportation system.

TEDxIIT Highlights    TEDxIIT Founder


To create a world class event which is innovative, mind-opening and attention-grabbing, featuring inspirational and energizing speakers from the IIT community.

To inspire the greater community by spreading positive ideas and action to impact the global humanity.

TED.com has become a global phenomenon to showcase Ideas Worth Sharing. TEDx is an independently event curated by the approved licensee, following the guidelines and spirit of TED. All TED and TEDx speakers are by invitations only.

TEDxIIT is a student organization that hosts a TED like event on the IIT campus featuring speakers from the IIT community including students, faculty, alumni and the greater IIT Community. The event is open for the entire global community since 2011. The event has always been sold out with live streaming to viewers worldwide.

To become a TEDxIIT sponsor and reach to the global TED and TEDx audience

Since TEDxIIT is licensed by TED, strict Sponsor Guidelines must be followed. For details, click here.

  1. Make any cash donations to IIT, https://alumni.iit.edu/give pull down the menu to other, and specify TEDxIIT event. Of course, this is tax deductible.
  2.  Follow the guidelines listed in this PDF.
  3.  Or contact  directly to discuss other options, Sponsor@TEDxIIT.com