Painting on Water™

The Art, The Science and The Experience

When I hear, I forget; When I see, I understand; When I do, I remember for life . . .

The Background
Originally known as suminagashi, it was practiced by the Shinto priest in Japan over 2,000 years ago.

In search of her heritage more than 25 years ago, Amy Segami applied physics training to revive this nearly lost ancient art, established the contemporary signature style, coined the term Painting On Water™ and received many credits for the innovative application of combining art and science through Crain’s Business, National Public Radio and BBC, just to name a few.

Ed Paschke addressed her as an artist of “extraordinary sensitivity and virtuosity, merging aspects of Eastern and Western culture” and, in an interview with the BBC, stated that “her art speaks to all people of all places and time”.

Scroll down to see samples of Painting On Water™ by Segami.

Click here to watch the talk: What If . . . You Can Paint On Water at the inaugural TEDxPeachtree.

The Story
When this former engineer and professional artist realized that her process can help leaders to see new perspectives, expand their thinking and improve their performance, she decided to share the lessons she learned.

Assembling her experience as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, Executive VP in an alternative energy field and entrepreneur, she researched, designed and developed the hands on Painting On Water™ program as a leadership development program.

With the fresh, fast track, out-of-the box approach, Doing The Thinking Painting On Water™ Program has received raved reviews from participants who embrace the wisdom, deep insights and aha moments as well as doable action steps.

Having presented in 17 countries, Segami is a seasoned speaker for international audiences with diverse backgrounds and industries.

As the President and Managing Principal of Segami Studios and Consulting, an international firm focused on helping clients improve performance, she leads an international team working with companies and groups large and small.

To explore your options: a one-of-a kind keynote speech, hands-on workshops, or consulting projects, please contact for further discussion.