Motivational Speaker

“When the speech is over, the audience remembers her message because they’ve not only heard the impossible, they’ve seen it.” – National Speakers Association Magazine

Making The Impossible Possible

To entertain, engage and enlighten your audience, show them something unexpected, let them hear in a different voice, and share a different perspective.

Amy Segami is the only engineer who speaks on the art of Painting On Water™, Making the Impossible Possible.

As a mechanical engineer turned artist, Amy combined both the art and science with the culture from the East and the West to revive an ancient art, and established a new contemporary style of Painting On Water ™ in the late 80’s.

She shares the deep learning process of Painting On Water™, both metaphorically and factually, from action to application, with the global audience from TEDx to corporate events, as well as many conferences on innovation, creativity and leadership.

Her works are in museums and private collections. National Public Radio here in America, BBC Radio and Huffington Post all have featured her work.