Meet Amy Segami

Amy Segami

Amy Segami is a mechanical engineer who paints on water. People used to call her CRAZY. Now, they call her, crazy innovative.

She is the Managing Principal of Segami Studios and Consulting, an international firm focused on helping leaders with a new perspective. As a motivational speaker, innovation consultant and professional facilitator, Segami inspires leaders turning talent into teams. One of her specialities is the unique hands-on transformational Painting On Water™ seminar workshop. With her flexible ability to serve the clients, she has worked with a diverse range of organizations in 17 different countries, so far.

With over 25 years experience as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, executive in an alternative energy field and entrepreneur, Segami has revived the ancient art form of Suminagashi with modern science. Using water as canvas along with fluid dynamics principles, her paintings have won numerous awards, have been featured in exhibitions, and are included in museum permanent collections. She has been featured by Crain’s, NPR and BBC.

Segami is also a TEDx speaker, founder and executive producer of TEDxIIT, the longest running independently organized TED event in Chicago. A Chinese-born American living in Chicago, she earned two engineering degrees from Illinois Institute of Technology. Besides being recognized as a Mandarin Leader, Segami has received many honors for her extraordinary ability and innovative application of combining art and science.

“Share Share is the universal currency,” Segami says.

‘Share Share’ or 谢谢 (traditional Chinese characters, pronounced as ‘xiè xie’ in official pinyin) means Thank You in Mandarin Chinese, the official spoken language in China. Mandarin is spoken by most people from the Northern part of China, such as Beijing & Shanghai. Most foreigners learn to speak Mandarin these days. While as Cantonese is the language spoken by the people from the Southern part, such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou and in most Chinatowns across USA.

Segami would like to share her art and message with you.

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